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Page ImageWRS is an experienced provider of a wide spectrum of construction services for
residential, commercial, and industrial clients. We can handle everything from
pre-construction engineering estimates to full service general contracting. We have a large inventory of equipment and many seasoned employees which allow us to self-perform the majority of the work we do at a rate that is cost effective to your project. We work under multiple contract structures including lump sum, time and material, cost plus and unit pricing. We work with our clients to provide them with a contract that works best with their preferences.

We also implement project estimation and cost tracking tools to give accurate forecasts and job costing reports to make sure your project stays on schedule and on budget. Every employee at WRS embraces the philosophy that quality and safety begins in the planning stage and continues through project completion. Call us today to speak with our civil construction division specialist.


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Kyle Zender
Construction Division
(360) 510-5720


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